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Why I do what I do
Immersed in the world of childbirth since 1979!  

     I was birthed naturally on Valentine's Day into the arms of an Earth Mother and Lamaze Teacher whom I still call "Mom".  I was breastfed well past my first birthday and grew up in a home where an everyday occurrence was to see a plastic pelvis or breast model on the coffee table.  While other little girls played "house", my best friend Rachel and I played "home birth" (her mom was my mom's Lamaze business partner).  We dreamed of the day we would get to experience that very special day of all special days:  the birth days of our babies! 

     Birth work is my destiny.  I want to empower you and your partner or team to birth with dignity in the ways you have come to embrace as your birth culture...........whatever those parameters may be.
       I am also specially trained in Infant Instinct Breastfeeding which is an easy and flawless approach to successful breastfeeding.  I have a strong background in the authentic Lamaze and Bradley Methods.
I serve the Greater Phoenix Valley.  
Let me know how I may serve you!  

Peace on Earth, One Birth at a Time!

J. Katie Ryan, CD(DONA), BA, MBA
Also find me on Doulamatch.net with accompanying testimonials:

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